Scope of the Magazine

Across Exmoor is published by the 8 Parochial Church Councils of the Exmoor Benefice and so will always have significant Christian content - but the scope of the magazine is broader than purely church matters. Our aim is to inform our readers on all aspects of life in our villages.

Subject to overall constraints of space, the Editor will consider any contributions of potential interest to our readers, always provided that the content is not political, scandalous, libellous or likely to be highly controversial. The Editor's decision on suitability of content is final and no correspondence will be included in the magazine.  The Publishers and Editors assert that Contributors are responsible for ensuring that their content does not breach copyright, confidentiality, privacy or libel laws.

Availability of Space

We are limited in the number of pages that we can print and are rarely able to offer more than a single A5 page for any one item.  As a rough guide, an A5 page can contain around 500 words, a half page 250 words.  If you have a longer item please discuss with the Editor well in advance of the copy deadline.

The Editor reserves the right to edit content for length or suitability.  If specifically requested and achievable within the publication schedule, such editing will be presented to the Contributor for approval - but the majority of sub-editing for fitting to available space and the correction of spelling and punctuation will be carried out by the Editor without referring the final text back to the Contributor.  All text items are formatted by the Editor to a standard style,  font and layout.

Event Details and Posters

If you are submitting details of an event, then we are not always able to include larger posters: we may have to extract event details from posters and include them in a simpler format.  Heavily coloured posters may not print well in our monochrome printed magazine.

Copy Deadlines

The copy deadline is always the 12th calendar day of the month for magazines to be available by the last weekend of the month preceding the copy date.  All items accepted will be included in both the East and the West editions.

Contributions should be sent by email to